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It was the eve of night. The moon shone bright in the dark sky, like a candle in the dark. The moonlight served as guidance to those lost, to help them find their way in the darkness that engulfed the land. And in the moonlight, the blood dripped from the throat of a young woman who stood motionless with the knife in her throat. She was in pain. She wanted to scream, but her efforts ended in vain. She wanted to move, but her body said otherwise. Her eyes, wide opened, saw the figure of her younger sister who stood in front of her petrified at the scene she had just witnessed.

The light in the eyes of the woman began to fade as she fell onto her knees. Her vision became blurred and she began to lose all strength in her body. She took a last glance at her younger sister who broke into tears and sprung towards her to stop her from falling on the ground. But before she could have been held, her body gave up and she fell on the ground in her own pool of blood. She wanted to tell her to run away, but was unable to even utter a word. She couldn't even utter a sound of pain, let alone speak a word. Her eyes became heavy as lead. Unable to keep them open any longer, she closed them for her eternal slumber.

"Cecilia!!" echoed the voice of the girl throughout the castle who kneeled beside her sister's corpse as she cried to no end.  She had just seen her sister die in pain in front of her own eyes. Her heart filled with guilt of not being able to do anything to save her sister, her beloved sister to whom she looked up with eyes filled with love, whom she had treasured the most. The girl held her face in her palms and cried on. Tap, tap, echoed the sound of one's footsteps in the dead night. The girl lifted her face at the sound and looked straight in the dark at the figure that moved towards the corpse and the girl. The figure came out of the darkness and stood in the moonlight over the bloody corpse and the desperate girl. To the girl's most surprise, the figure that stood before her who was the perpetrator of her sister's death was her own mother.
Genre: Fantasy

It feels like my Writer's Block finally lifted off *super-woot*

I feel like I can write again. I had been scribbling notes on papers for the past few days regarding the plot for my probably-will-never-be-made game. I was clueless as to where to start working on the game so I thought of preparing a script as a guide that I can follow. And so, this is the prologue that I just wrote. I'm posting this here in case I lose the file on the laptop (which happens often).

Please comment what you think about it.
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Dark-Rosa Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
this sounds very interesting Basil! ^^ I'm sure you'll do well on this game~ I hope you post more of it <3
tsuki-ya Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aye. Thank you for your support, Rosa. :)
NotteEterna Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
We like. We likes a lot. It may well be our morbidity talking, but we find it very interesting. Sure, there are points where the flow of words seems to stagnate with the use of certain words, but at the same time, it actually adds to the effect of the scene. (I am not sure if that was intentional or not, but good job anyway with that.)
tsuki-ya Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They were probably unintentional. ;^_^
But thank you, Notte. I'll edit it later and post it again.
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